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    Nick Zenger

    President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

    When I first started to build Cablisys back in 2007, the industry of suppliers of wire harnesses and electronic components was scattered, as well regionally as in terms of competence. It became clear that the global strategies of our customers (the big carmakers, commercial vehicle makers (agricultural, construction etc.) and producers of machinery) needed an answer from us, the suppliers of electrical and electronic control systems, or, as it was called in earlier times, wire harnesses.
    This answer was the Cablisys strategy: To combine mid size regional suppliers under one roof, making it possible to follow our customers on a global level; and combine industrial competences, in order to be able to build complete electronic and electrical control systems for vehicles and machines.

    I'm excited to see that, what started with two small plants and entities in France in 2007, has reached a global dimension. Besides the original industrial base in Morocco, Tunisia and France, bundled in the Swiss sub holding, the Cablisys organization is now able to serve its customers in Central and Eastern Europe, the US, the Indian sub continent and East Asia. Today, almost 1000 people are working in plants, planning offices, logistical platforms and research offices for the Cablisys idea in different countries, and this is just the beginning.